Anatomy of a
Twin NFT


Our colored borders and logogram are instantly recognizable. NFTs on TWIN resemble living, breathing works as information subtly frames the artwork. Different colors and gradients also represent degrees of rarity.


Information about the NFT is imprinted as part of our visual language. As part of a multi-functional archive, context is just as important as content. Regardless of where our NFTs are viewed they retain their ties to creators, locations and causes.

Photograph of a pile of trash on fire.

a cause

All NFTs on TWIN benefit specific causes. They are part of what we envision as a perfect loop with reality. The content of the works draw from reality while outputting support for great causes selected by creators.

TWIN Studio is building a global, bottom up museum. We have an IRL focus with our NFTs benefitting real world causes, unlocking objects and providing access to spaces.

Our mission is to make IRL great again! We create new frameworks to link web3 to IRL creators, stories and places.


Built on Ethereum,
launching everywhere


TWIN NFTs are stories on-chain. A prisoner’s tale, a mother’s dementia or a wartime landscape are intimate stories that our community can coalesce around.

The split
for causes

40% of proceeds go to causes selected by creators. Royalties continue accumulating for creators and causes over time.


Our collections are labor of love in collaboration with artists, curators and causes. Each collection is unique in the number of NFTs available, the cause it supports and the unlock able features they contain.

The Split
for Causes

Information about the NFT is imprinted as part of our visual language. As part of a multi-functional archive, context is just as important as content. Regardless of where our NFTs are viewed they retain their ties to creators, causes and token contracts.


Our genesis collection features 15 locations around the world. We want to build a new museum that is hyper-global. Collecting our NFTs will feel like a form of traveling.


Our NFT holders become members of our community. They gain access to closed discord channels, IRL events and special drops. Non-holders can also participate by submitting artwork, curating and helping us organize.


Our NFTs are instantly recognizable by their colored frames which also illustrates their rarity.


TWN is focused on IRL 1 of 1 artworks. We’re on-boarding creators new to Web3 and helping them integrate their practices seamlessly.

NFTs aren’t just collectible, they should stand for something.

They can be programmed to be far more interesting than a web2 image linked to a token. With Editions, every NFT is forever linked to a cause chosen by the creator. Whether it’s a reforestation project or the Wikimedia Foundation, every NFT now benefits the world and shapes the future in a tangible way.


TWIN wants to be the decentralized museum of the future. This is an ambitious goal which reimagines the museum as bottom-up, global and constantly shaping the future.

We envision 5 phases to help us get there. From building community to scaling our physical spaces and eventually our own utility token, this is our precise roadmap.



Curated collections of NFTs benefitting causes chosen by creators. TWIN starts building an index of the world through photographic, video NFTs.



Hybrid spaces, with the first opening in New York City, provide a center of gravity for the TWIN ecosystem.



TWIN starts tokenizing real world objects. Our vision for a decentralized museum of the future begins as we decouple ownership from possession.



We focus on scaling Editions, Spaces and Museum to a landmark milestone of 10,000 NFTs and a global footprint of spaces.



All participants and supporters of our ecosystem get airdropped TWIN tokens. These are utility tokens with governance rights but also with the right to mint through TWIN.

We believe people will see themselves reflected in many of the projects/NFTs we launch and want to be part of these tribes. Collecting NFT can be a way of mirroring/flexing where you’re from, what stories resonate with you, which artist you’re supporting and what causes you’re benefitting.

TWIN is currently:

Mike Tan is a Malaysian art gallerist in NYC; curated shows have been reviewed in Artforum, ARTnews, Forbes, British Journal of Photography among many publications.

and we are always looking for:

Contributors, Curators, Writers & Community Members