Alvin Lau



Buku Jalanan Chow Kit





“Photography started off as a hobby but subsequently that grew into more. He briefly studied Business Administration in Sunway University before dropping out to pursue a career in photography.

The main frame within Alvin’s work is a constant exploration amongst and within the idea of life and death. His work derives from the influence of movie making / narrative based short essays. Largely his photographic approach comes from the idea of setting up research based journals with the idea of intertwining ideas that are loosely based on the format on how the mind conjures a dream sequence and the liminality of how reality functions as a whole entity. Commonly inspired from his older practice of documentary photography , his current practice has taken a shift into the consideration of documenting ideas and condensing narratives with the usage of visual images.”


Buku Jalanan Chow Kit

BJCK works to ensure integration happen in fluidity & ultimately give every children their rightful right to education that would help them path their future

We provide equal access to education as well as a healthy growing environment for underprivileged children to help them escape the cycle of poverty in the Chow Kit area.