Rachelle Bussieres



Space for Humanity





“Sight is a negotiation between shadow and reflection. Light rebounds through matter. It is never still, it doesn’t age. We, in contrast, are finite and the photograph offers a remedy for our deeply human susceptibility to time. But light is fickle, photography is instrumental, and seeing is just our best guess. What does it mean to see time? In Overview, I make spherical and ellipse cameraless prints using a variety of sculptural tools to reflect and deflect light onto a photosensitive paper’s surface.

By transforming my environment into a “recording studio,” I patiently wait for compositions to emerge and observe subtle changes throughout the minutes, days and weeks of the exposure—and marking quantum changes in my working space. The final stage, a delicate rendering of astronomical and geometric patterns, carries a spectral essence of the space, embodying the spatial and temporal elements of New York which. Existing at the intersection of photography and sculpture, my work addresses the limits of both sight and knowledge  through the fabrication of photographic exposures on gelatin silver paper, investigating our wider human experience through light, perception and time. In this sense, this observation becomes an overview of ourselves and how light impacts our psyche, environment and social structures.”


Space for Humanity

“Space for Humanity is organizing the planet’s first Sponsored Citizen Astronaut Program, where leaders, from any walk of life, can apply for an opportunity to go to space and experience the Overview Effect: the cognitive shift in awareness that occurs when a human being looks down on the Earth from space.

Each year, a new crew is selected from a diverse group of leaders from around the globe. Upon their return, each citizen astronaut has a commitment to leveraging that experience for the collective good.

Through our citizen spaceflight program, leadership training, and collaborative efforts to educate the public, we are setting the stage to create the world we want, both here on Earth and throughout the cosmos

We believe our future in space will be determined by who we resolve to be on Earth, today.”