Clemens Fantur


"Still Standing"

Volkshilfe Ukraine





“I've been photographing this tree for years. Whenever I'm home to visit my parents in their little village in the mountains, I always go to see if the tree is still standing.

It is a simple composition and also a simple motif. Just as simple and clear as the task itself. Perhaps it's the most original approach to photography. Because I document time and therefore also transience. I work with time, but also against it. Because one thing is for sure, at some point this tree will be gone.”


Volkshilfe Ukraine

Volkshilfe, founded in 1947, is a large non-profit, politically independent, non-denominational NGO. Together with its nine organisations in the Austrian federal states, Volkshilfe supports people by offering social services. Reflecting its mission as social movement, Volkshilfe advocates the interests of the socially disadvantaged. It provides expert knowledge and takes an active part in social developments and legislative processes.

Key areas include:

• care & assistance

• asylum & integration

• poverty

• labour

• international activities

International cooperation

Focusing on sustainability and capacity building, Volkshilfe has been providing international aid since 1951.

During the 70 years since its establishment, Volkshilfe Austria’s humanitarian approach and solidarity have been applied also to the international level to support people in need around the world. As part of international collaborations with networks of aid providers and local partner organisations, Volkshilfe has implemented numerous projects and programmes in almost 30 countries.